Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Whats your Favourite........?

I'm not one to have favourites, i often get confused when asked, "whats your favourite color?" , i have the same reaction if its food, clothes, drink etc. i'm not just one to have favourites.
But since this blog is about finding Me, i've decided to search deeper and choose preferences instead of settling for just likes and dislikes.

So am starting with my favourite things in the world.
I unquestionably love books, no i dont have any favourite authors (yet), but recently i've fallen in love with the writing style of Chitra Divakaruni. i never thought i would read and enjoy books by an indian Author, but she does such a marvelous job of potraying her culture that one cant help but get engrossed in the characters of her story. Her book Sister of my heart actually drew me out of my "i only want to read African Stories" phase.

Talking about African Stories, i am still looking for anyone who has read What is the What by Dave Eggers and Half of a yellow sun by Chimammanda Ngozi Adichie. These two books the former about Sudan and the latter about the Nigerian civil war have greatly made the issues of war in Africa, relevant to me. watching refugees on TV you think"oh poor souls".
but the way these stories are told you can see that the usual ethnic tensions we take for granted
can snowball into horrendous situations. That refugee might be you! You lucky sob watching from the comfort of your couch!
So lets all do what we can to promote peace and justice, all fingers may not be equal but when you are washing them you have to make sure water touches all the fingers..........ok i just created another meaningless "proverb", but in plain turanchi we may not always be equal, but we must always be fair.

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