Saturday, October 06, 2007

Colors of the Earth

This dark skin, Cocoa and Almond brown skin
Papaya fair, Ebony and coal black too.

Tight curls, thick mane…..
Unsilky until fired or fried or

Neat braids, with synthetic hair
Weaves and weave-on.
Nappy and happy!

This sub-Saharan destiny,
Which People and Providence
have connived to swindle.

This Negro is me
So they say,
they that don’t see……… beyond
“a natural adaptation to intense solar radiation”.

A Spanish Negro is still Black.
An American nigger is still behind.
Where are the eyes that will
see the light shades
Of our humanity.

Our dream is deferred
We wait till tomorrow
When dreams come true,
And home is home again.

For today,
We will Occupy till he comes.
Powering our pain.
Fuel from frustration….

Soon we can say
We are the colors of the earth,
Shades of humanity.
Share your equality.

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