Friday, November 02, 2007

Foolishness of generosity

French Aide workers under arrest.

My heart bleeds for them. Maybe they should have just left the orphans alone. Instead of doing goody two shoes, they should have just stayed away.
Imagine the Chadian president accusing them of kidnaping the children to harvest their organs or sell them to pedopile rings.

I had a similar incident two weeks ago, when i was almost attacked by a mob of people in a Market here in Abuja when i was inteviewing this child. i was trying to get his details so i could refer the matter to the welfare office. Some in the crowd said i wanted to use his picture to make money.


Oracle said...

I guess there's a lesson to learn from your story.

Sometimes it's better we just leave things the way they are.

aruni said...

I know, when I heard the story on the news I thought these poor aide workers were just trying to help. So sad.

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