Saturday, December 08, 2007

Naija Trekkie

I love star trek....i have been a fan for about eight years now.
The characters...story line.....and theme transcends all the petty issues most movies today deal in.
I'll never forget an episode on the Enterprise when Ensign Harry Kim was abducted by an Alien species, they asked him
"what race are you?" my mind i answered Asian.....Chinese....
but his reply was
"I am Human"
I look forward to a time when all species Human, Betazoid, Cardarsian. Romulan, Vulcan,Ferengi and all the other undiscovered ones get along for collective benefit of the universe.
No, i havent totally lost it, i know these are all fictional species.....but i guess you catch my drift.....if you dont.. then get ready to be Assimilated...Resistance is Futile.

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