Friday, December 21, 2007

Syrupy Sweet....Sour citizen

I love Nigeria!

Or so i tell myself every now and then.

For the past week i have been under the weather, with a sore throat and mild -turned- severe -cough. I went to the company Doc who refused to give me any medication till i was almost bed ridden.
And even then he only gave something for the sore throat but he refused to give a cough syrup so i bought one over the counter, which didnt cough grew worse, my chest seemed to be hosting a dusty harmattan party, most especially at night

I decided to by the Imported version of the same cough syrup-Benylin....i got better in two days, after amlost four days of dry irritating cough.

So my question is this... if i cant even trust made in Nigeria Drugs to cure a simple cough?

Did some one say "Niaja Basher"?

Dont shoot the messenger...its only a question!

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