Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tamil LTTLE female Cadres

Wrestling with my personal demons, and other numerous challenges, i glanced at a Srilankan daily newspaper that had published letters that were written by the LTTLE female cadres. Both letters revealed the depth of love and compassion the women had for their families, despite being on the war front they still ask after the well being of each family member.

They reaveal the dire circumstances they face, waiting for death as they fight in the war front without food, water, descent clothes and shoes....they are resigned to their fate, accepting their str.uggle as Gods will. Forced to fight, they face the war unsure of what is right or wrong, but still fight, the only way to protect their families....

This poem was included in one of the letters...

Loving somebody is a misery
Sisters love is more miserable, mamma
It is like the roots hanging from a banyan tree,
Therefore loving somebody is miserable, mamma
Similarly being away from loved ones is painful, mamma.

Now how can i complain...of my life, when younger women than i are forced to die and fight a war even they do not comprehend!

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