Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dudu Radio!

Have i ever said how much i Love....Love.. the internet?

Am saying it now, i am in Loooveeee with this technology...
guess what i found online?
Nigerian music i can listen to whenever i feel home sick!
What can be cooler than that?

Though i must warn you the sounds don't come out as well as other sites like
I had this incredible urge to hear Smokey Robinson's voice, with little effort i found his song cruzing on deezer.
"Music is made for love...cruzing is made for love, i love it when we're cruzing together......."

i was rather pissed to find the so called website claiming to "only be avialable in the U.S". What's up with that...haven't they heard the word global village?


Tissa De said...

Good luck to you with your listening to Nigerian Music.Sri-Lankan Music is also very nice, I don't mean the Baila, but if you could listen and understand Amaradeva, Nanda Malini, Gunadasa Kapuge, Victor Rathnayaka, they sing nice soothing songs that some songs really touch your heart.There is a nice song I liked when I was far away from my wife called" Mage Amalbiso - Numba Adannepa, Mama Deepankare Thaniyen ......".You can ask some body to find that song for you and then understand what it says.As you are in Sri-Lanka, it is a good idea if you can learn the Sinhala Language.There are many very interesting things written in Sinhala too.And as you are liking Buddhism, yopu should try and learn "Dhamma Padaya" and also "Pansiya Panas Jathakaya" also very interesting things to read and learn.Lord Buddha has records of having 550 births and what happened in each birth was recorded in that "Pansiya Panas Jathakaya"

Anonymous said...

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