Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Batman Vs Blankman...and then there's Hancook

After the disappointing experience of watching Batman, Blankman was a hilarious caricarture, depicting the inferiority complex of the African American psche.

The Dark Knight story line annoyingly shows the subtle political opinions of the script writers. Its hard to just relax and watch a movie these days without having the different ideological opinions of America's international image been shoved down your throat, which for politically apathethic people like me, can be quite annoying.

Blankman in it own poignantly humourous way, reveals the economic struggles of the average African American...While batman is a Millonaire using his means to create hero-sonic gear. Blankman uses junk to create his own gadgets.

Even the Neighbourhood "crackhouse" he hopes to close down, ridicules the One-man- Vigilante approach of super heroes. The differences in their costumes is not even worth commenting on.

Is it me, or are racial differences still a very strong determinant for economic status?

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