Sunday, December 28, 2008

Favorite movies of the year!

My number one favorite...i laughed alot when i first saw this one, i could really identify with the Panda. It reminded me of Shrek. I hope to see a sequel.
Madagascar Two wasnt a disappointment at all... though the Hippo/ Girrafe romance is a bit disturbing.

I love Angelina's real life personality, she's such an inspiration. As a Mother, a woman in the tough buisness of acting and her contibution to the underprevilegded.
I have always thought James MacAvoy to be extemely sexy, he is a great actor who really puts his whole being into the role he is playing.

The best romantic comedy ever. Ricky Gervais was fantastic for the role of Doctor Pincus, and of course Tea Leoni was her usual delightful self.

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