Saturday, May 16, 2009

The war Ends

My three year old comes running to me terrified by the sound of explosions..."mama bomb....mama bomb" i cuddle him and tell him its not bomb its fire crackers....

The celebrations begins...the war Ends after almost three decades its finally ending....


O. emmanuel said...

Has the war really ended? Can a war end on the battle field when the cry of injustice and marginalisation still rings rich and deep? what is the meaning of democracy when peoples' legitimate demands are not met? it is war, war and war. From what I see, only the battle has been won, the real war of liberation is on and someday some surviving elements of the LTTE will take to the battle field again.
In Nigeria, it is no different as the Nigerian Government has turned its guns on the impoverished people of the Niger Delta in the quest for greater control of their resources.

Lady P said...

And i dont hear an international outcry condeming the attack on Nigerian Civilians...

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