Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bridge2Peace Srilanka

Lunugamvehera, a remote village near the Southern coastal town of Hambantota in Srilanka is where the first Bridge2Peace Montessori begins its mission.
Completely on volunteer bases, Bernadine, Lysiel and Tharanga are Montessori teachers who have for the past three years, committed their time to the vision of Bridge2Peace. They train young women to be qualified to care for preschool children as well as continuously monitor their performance to ensure the quality of education is not compromised.

Bernadine Anderson the Founder of the Bridge2Peace initiative promotes Maria Montessori’s Peace education. The Peace curriculum which she has adapted for the preschool programme in Lunugamvehera is a benchmark for making peace education a part of the educational system.
Since its inception three years ago, 60 children have graduated from the Montessori while the first Batch of preschool teachers have been trained in providing quality child care, comparable to any preschool in urban Srilanka.


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