Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nigerian Pidgin English

If there's one thing that i really miss about living in Nigeria (apart from Abuja's clean streets), is speaking Nigerian English.

There is something sweet about how the words flow out of the mouth, making light, issues that would otherwise be very serious.

I really miss Nigerian stand up comedians (somebody please send me a CD of Basket Mouth and ClintDDrunk)...i really miss those guys.

For some wierd reason pidgin English Lyrics have been playing in my head today...there's this popular one

me i no go suffer,
i no go beg for food
me i no go suffer
i no go beg for food
God of miracles,
na my Papa ohh
God of Miracles na my Papa ohh
Another one
Seek am first the kingdom of God ohh
and his righteousness,
if you do am soo,
everything else ohh na jara
Money ohh!
Na jara
Husband Ohh!
Na jara
Education Ohh!
Na jara
Pickin ohh
Na Jara
Job sef ohh
Na jara
Just had a thought, wont it be cool, if someone sang all these pidgin english hymns and put it on utube?

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O. emmanuel said...

My Maryanne, that's the call of home. Really it's wonderfuk to be a Nigerian not minding and forgetting the tragedy of our leaders. It's good to remember home. We miss u. emma.

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