Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The advantages of being Broke!

Becoming broke does have its unique gains.

What you lose in the material sense can be replaced by other worth while things.
All over Asia, monks give up worldly pursuits to train their minds for a higher calling.
Not everyone has the ability or will to walk away from life and become a hermit. However we can all learn a thing or two during financial contraints.

So what happens when your down on your luck?

1. The most important thing is, you learn who your true pals are. The fair weather ones just fall out of touch (conviniently), You also might become uncomfortable with the people you used to know, back then when there were no money problems.

2. You learn to appreciate the non monetary aspect of your life, things like your health, your childs smile, or a hug from a loved one, a setting sun, a full moon...

3.You find cheaper ways to do things, DIY becomes inevitable when you dont have the dough to dole out. Even shopping becomes a challenging experience to differenciate between your wants and needs.

4. You waste less when you have little

5. There is nothing as humbling as lack! arrogance and pride falls with the fat pay check.

6. Empathy for others in similar situations is embedded in your mind forever, you will know what its like and if and when things improve, you will understand the plight of others in similar situations.

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