Thursday, November 05, 2009

Marketing Article for ICBT

Increasing the scope of careers in childcare

For the first time in Sri Lanka, ICBT City Campus, Bambalapitiya offers BTec Higher National Diploma in Advanced Practice in work with children and families .

This Edexcel UK qualification is an eighteen month programme especially for all involved in childcare professions. AMI Diploma and A level graduates now have a chance to develop a range of skills and techniques essential for success in childcare career.

Addressing the need to give a multidisciplinary training in leadership, quality assurance and management in the early year's sector, ICBT offers this unique programme that encourages students to think critically about theoretical and practical issues concerned with the education and care of children.

This Higher National Diploma in Advanced Practice in work with children and families focuses on providing education and training for a range of careers in the early year's sector. School Administrators, parents and other professionals in the early years sector will have this opportunity to achieve an internationally recognized qualification, which may be used as a qualification for migration and greater employment opportunities in many countries around the world including UK.

The Higher National Diploma in Advanced Practice in work with children and families is a vocationally specific qualification, resulting in UK National Qualification Framework level 5 Certification. It is an opportunity for those wishing to enter into employment as well as for those who wish to advance academically.

This education and training will improve the skills and effectiveness of the early years workforce and provide advanced training for those who work with children and their families.

ICBT provides quality training, culminating in UK qualifications at a fraction of the cost it would take to do it in UK. As the leading Edexcel provider in Sri Lanka it has been awarded A grade approval for five consecutive years as well as ISO 9001:2001 certification.

This programme is conducted by a highly qualified panel of experienced academics and industry experts. Apart from the knowledge and experience of work with children and families gained from employment and this training, you will also develop additional effective transferable skills, such as writing skills, group working, leadership, communication, giving presentations and IT.

This training is for professionals working in the public sector, voluntary organizations and privately funded institutions to support the welfare and care of children, young people and families.

The HND is a recognized 'stand alone' qualification, and there is also a progression path to a B.A. in Early Childhood Studies. There are many recession proof Career Opportunities in health services, children charities, and preschool education, even for those interested in living outside Sri Lanka, this will provide the qualification to work in this highly regulated profession.

The teaching technique includes group lectures, which will outline knowledge and concepts specific to the module, and workshops where activities will create a link between theory and practice. Presentations, role play, group and individual research are other methods used to optimize the learning experience.

With more than ten years experience in the educational sector, ICBT is positioned to offer training in Social Care and education which are among the largest employment sectors in the world today, a field where opportunities are buoyant.

For further information regarding this programme, please contact ICBT City Campus hotline: 011-4869999 .

By Maryanne

Lecturer - ICBT City Campus


Anonymous said...

very interesting.very useful.thanks

Anonymous said...

Hv u started this programme and whats the basic qualification u need to do this diploma.

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