Saturday, January 05, 2008

African Psycho

This book written by a French Congolese writer jared me back into a reading frame of mind.

Its really been a while that i've settled down to read anything, i skim though the pages of books and my mind wanders, i was begining to wory that i had lost intreast in reading.
I read African Psyco almost all at once, repelled, intrigued and amused all at once.
Its just the Kind of book i know i will write some day, i already have a plot equally as morbid in mind.
The darker side of the human character has always appealed to me.
Alain strips bare the human psyche, revealing the intricaties of a depraved mind, disillusioned by life and taking comfort in the most daibolic of human characters.
Greg his character is so wrapped up in layers of hate that he couldnt recognise love when he saw it, didnt let let himself be normal even when normal beckoned him.
I have always wandered what it would be like to explore the psychology of an African murderer. Alain presents his thoughts in Vulgar,Violent yet appealing text...
What can i say...i'm reading again.

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