Sunday, January 06, 2008

Beauty in the eyes of the beholder

Hi dear Pam:
Today is Sunday so I have the chance to read your blog. You know this is my first time to read somebody's blog.
It is wonderful even I could not understand some words. My dictionary is in the office. But I can feel your loves for your hometown and your country.
I have a story:
long time ago there is a begger, he was sleeping in one chair of the park. But he always dreamed to sleep in the king palace. One day his dream came true and he slept in the beautiful, large bed of the king palace. But all the night he could not sleep and he was missing his chair which is in the park. So the next day he quickly go back to the park and soon he slept deeply.

Everybody will never forget his hometown even it is rich or poor. That is our blood- relationship. Whenever you are sad or weakly, that is your place which you can get back power.

Everything will be fine.

My Dearest friend sent me this email after viewing my blog, she is Asian and not very fluent in English. Her comments on my journey to my home town set me wondering weather it was a good idea to upload the "street scene in Gboko west"...

Gboko, like most of rural Nigeria is stuck in a time warp due to lack of economic progress, but there are some nice parts of town which i didnt quite feel the need to photograph. My uncle has a nice house, with solar panelled electricity....but i wasnt thinking of the image i might create of Gboko.

Looking at the holiday photos on naijablog.blogspotcom also made me notice how derelict the street scene looked, but for me it was more of nostalgia than aesthetics....

Its kind of like the images you see on CNN about Africa and you say to yourself "hey! there are nice places in Africa too, its not all gloom and doom...."

Anyway...i am begining to realize, on this journey of self discovery that i put very little attention on what will looks "Cool", i just follow the poetic rythm of my heart, but i have to also learn to
"play to the gallery".

We live in a society that judges us by the level of wealth we its important to drive the right car, use the right mobile phone, wear the right clothes and assesories, and for heavens sake take affluent looking pictures of your home town!

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