Saturday, February 16, 2008

The War Within

Whats better than a relaxing massage and facial to lighten the mood....Using natural herbs and carried out by a petite mute girl, it really felt good.
More apealing is the Brand, Janet Aryuvedic beauty products are home grown solutions for beauty therapy for Srilankan women.

Using a thread for shaping the eye brows was painful but alot safer than using razor blades like we do in Nigeria. It always worries me when i see ladies at the salon using blades, what if it cuts the stylist and then cuts you....its creepy. I remember once asking for tweezers and the reply was "ehhn"? and i was like... then leave my bushy eyebrows alone....

Though sadly, my hair is a mystery to the hair stylist here, i still ask God everyday why he didnt give we African women smooth silky hair. I spend a significant amount of time admiring the long silky heads that pass me every day here.

For now, i fight my own wars, in my own head, and settle for my medusa-like looking babydreadlocks.

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