Sunday, February 24, 2008

Too close to home

As we lay down for a nap yesterday afternoon, counting the pros and cons of leaving Nigeria…
‘Our little boys like it here, the school system is affordable and just right for them, they are like fish in water here’. My hubby says...
‘Srilanka is nice except for the security situation I sighed sadly’…then the boom came from the distance, I heard it with my ear and my heart, but both organs ignored it.
Till the phone calls from relatives and the television reports start coming in…

A package was left unattended in a bus, the major method of public transport here, the passengers became suspicious and informed the conductor who informed the driver, and they all quickly alighted as the bus driver parked the long vehicle …then the explosion!
This is just a short distance from where we live, I was startled and wondered how the other expatriates here on vacation are reacting to the news.
There is war here, we are reminded again, despite the heavy presence of Security in Colombo, life goes on as usual for most, occasional school closure when there is a suspected attack, otherwise life goes on for many. The tension is in the air, but I suspect many are tired of being afraid.


In my head and around me said... have the cons outweighed the pros?

P. M. Jay said... far..there are more pros than cons

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