Saturday, March 08, 2008

Watch and be traumatized!

Sometimes i wonder if the human race is evolving or regressing ....Okay, this is not a movie to watch if you are depressed, or maybe it you can see there are some people in such horrid conditions.

Personally, i have always felt sexual exploitation is the worse kind of human degradation, then when it invloves children.....

The movie human trafficking is as fact based as Blood Diamionds, these kind of movies are dramatized documentries to attract the attention of this jaded generation.

An incredible moment in the movie; when a father reunites with his trafficked daughter... she is on her knees, wispering "Thank you God for bringing my father back to me..Thank you God..."

Then the father said "No,...No Nadia dont bring God into this, here is hell!"

Now where did i hear that, while evil is 99%, good is 100% powerful....the one percent difference is probably where hells on earth like this reside.

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