Monday, April 14, 2008

Ayuveda, New year and Second Chances!

Marking the end of the first rice harvest of the year, the dawn of a new year is celebrated nation wide in Sri lanka,
following generations of tradition albeit in modified versions.
The new planting season begins, based on the astrological predictions that mark the commencement of Sinhalese and Tamil New Year.
The first day of the year begins at 6.29am on the 12th of April, but this went mostly unexceptional, the moment when the fire crackers explode noisily was 12 noon on the 13th, a bit odd if like me, you are used to celebrating New Year’s Eve under a dark sky.
This is a very important moment especially between 12 noon and 1pm which is the time for prayer and rest. I began this first hour letting go of emotional baggage, and grateful for the chance to begin the year again.
A stroll with the boys along the rampart of Galle forte in the early evening, was a breathtaking experience, not my first, but still just as apealling. After watching the the sun disappear behind the evening clouds, we rushed home to the rest of the family.

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