Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brain cells...Use it or Lose it!

Some very intreasting facts i;ve come across lately.
According to recent findings trauma or stress in a maturing brain can cause damage to brain cells. This i suppose is the reason why children need to be nurtured and most importantly stimulated. The infant once born, must have his senses stimulated to establish neural pathways that will become a foundation for intelligence.
If these brain cells are not used, they DIE!
But there's good news for those who may have not have been born in ideal developmental enviroment.
Once it was belived that once the brain had establised these neural pathways in the early years of development, that was pretty much it, nothing more could be done.
Fortunately, further research has proved that, neural connections, even after damage can produce new connections based upon a process called synaptic reorganization.
These finiding are considered by some (myself included) as the most incredible discovery in the 20th century.
Now we know for a FACT, that our thoughts and actions actually determine how our brain will be wired, as opposed to our "natural inclinations" guiding us to act.

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