Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Kids have fallen for the best marketing stategy ever.

Here they both do the Spiderman pose wearing t-shirts with their favourite cartoons on it...

The older one likes Naruto

While the younger one is a Fan of Power Rangers...

The buying season is here again, and all parents will have to dig into their pockets to excited faces and expecting minds.

Even as the illusion of Santa Clause continues and commercialization of Christmas blossoms....
the latest mania of children is action figures and toys with their favourite cartoons printed on it.
T-shirts, Shoes, School bags and water bottles are paraded in shops with the stickers of these cartoons.Refusal to purchase some would cause a major tantrum from one of my boys.

They are both huge fans of Ben Ten...niether of them is even ten year old yet, But to them all heroes are cool, and as long as they own a piece of merchendise with the fictional hero's face on it, for a while too they are Spiderman, or Batman, or Naruto, Or Ben 10...some times they are all of them at once...

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